Monday, 23 July 2012


Hi everyone :) I'm so excited to share last week's Adventure Thursday with all of you! My sister's boyfriend Dave is a model with Elmer Olsen Model Management in Toronto and he invited us to join him for this year's Bootcamp 2 Bigtime event. Basically, Elmer Olsen has an annual party where all of their newest models are introduced to designers, scouts and other members of the fashion industry. Since Dave knows that I'm always looking for cool thing to blog about (thanks Dave!), he invited me and my friend Alyssa to tag along. This year's event was held at This Is London and we all had such a blast!
 Jeans: Levi's Curve ID (find them here)
Shirt: H&M (find it here)
Shoes: Nine West (find them here)
Bag: H&M (find a similar one here)
Bangles: Gift from my mom (find a similar one here) 
Lipstick: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, Kiss Me Coral (find it here)

I really love the look of jeans and heels, so I decided to wear my favourite black Levi's jeans to the event. I had been searching and searching for the perfect pair of black heeled sandals - I already have a pair of black pumps and black work heels, but I wanted to indulge a little in a sexier pair - and I finally found them at Nine West! They were originally a little out of my budget, but the store had a sale so I bought them at a reduced price :) I love the thickness of the straps and the way that they have patent and matte leather mixed together. They're even pretty comfy for such high heels, although I did cheat and wear Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats (I'll do a post about these babies later this week) for the walk to and from the event.

To add little oomph to the outfit, I wore my new cream blouse from H&M. The texture is slightly translucent so you can see the outline of your bra underneath. Normally I am not a fan of visible bra straps (or bra cups for that matter), but I think that the long sleeves and high collar of this shirt make it modest enough that the peek-a-boo effect is sexy rather than slutty. Last but not least, I threw on my favourite red lipstick and my small leather H&M bag. I love crossbody bags for evening events, because you don't have to worry about forgetting your clutch or checking your bag.
I am fully aware of how tacky it is to take bathroom pictures, but This Is London had such a sweet 'ladies spa' that I couldn't help but share it with you guys! The whole place was done up in a Marie Antoinette-style decor and had everything from straightening irons to makeup chairs to chaises longues! A girl could get lost in there :D

During the event, there was a large projector screen with photos of the models (Dave made an appearance mid-way through!) that rotated throughout the evening. Around midnight, they did a catwalk to introduce all of the new additions. I've never seen so many tall, skinny, beautiful people in one room! Even in my tallest heels, I was still about shoulder-height on most of the girls, lol.

Wishing you high heels and hot models!
Talk soon,

Friday, 20 July 2012


 Shorts: American Eagle (find a similar pair here) 
Belt: My sister's closet (find a similar one here) 
Shirt: Joe Fresh (find a similar one here) 
Sandals: Monastiraki Flea Market, Athens (find a similar pair here) 
Sunglasses: Ray Ban (find them here)  
Purse: H&M (find a similar one here)

Hi everyone :) I just got back from this week's Adventure Thursday (which I will tell you all about in my next post) and I thought I'd do a quick OOTD in the meantime. Today I spent the day hanging out with my sister and my friend Alyssa. We had a delicious brunch and then walked around doing some window (and real) shopping. Lots of fun!

 Since I slept over at my sister's house the night before, I wanted something quick and easy to wear. I really like the look of white shorts and pants in the summertime. They look so fresh and crisp! It was a little cool today, so I paired them with a long-sleeved button down. This shirt fits a little big and is made from a denim-type material, giving it a more relaxed feel than a traditional button down.

To tie the whole thing together, I added the leather sandals I bought in Athens last summer and my sister's brown belt. The dark braided leather turned out to be the perfect finishing touch! I completely forgot to pack a belt, so it was lucky that I could borrow hers :) I also traded my usual leather satchel in for a smaller, lighter cross-body bag that worked for daytime and night.

How did you spend your Friday?
Talk soon,

Monday, 16 July 2012


Sometimes I wish that I lived in a shampoo commercial. Trapped in a perpetual morning, I would emerge from my bathroom (fully made up, of course), flinging my gorgeous sheet of thick, shiny hair from side to side as I laughed attractively about some unheard joke made by my hunky off-screen fiancee. In real life, I stumble my way through my shower before collapsing exhausted into bed, only to wake up to frizzy, tangled afro-like disaster. Oh life. That said, a lifetime of Hermione Granger-esque hair has taught me a thing or two about managing your mane. So before we talk about how to achieve long, healthy hair, let's take a trip down memory lane:
Vintage Vi, circa 1994. Since my hair has always grown super fast, my mom used to cut it into all sorts of cute hair dos. Here I am, age 5, rockin' the bob.

 Grade 2. No shortage of hair (or front teeth for that matter).

 By grade 9, I had a Stage Five case of the frizees. It can also be said that my thick hair madness extended to my yet-to-be-plucked eyebrows.

 At the beginning of Grade 10, I cut all of my hair off to look like a girl I saw in a Dentyne Ice commercial. Looking back it's a bit Catelyn-from-Teen-Mom, but at the time I loved it!

By graduation I had encountered a life-long hair foe: the piecy bang. While I had finally learned to tame the friz, I now had to struggle with greasy roots...ugh.

Enter university. New city, new style, new inspiration. I cut my hair for a fresh start and finally began to control the crazy.

At twenty years old, I had finally discovered the careful combination of cut, care and product to maximize my hair potential :)

Now - don't get me wrong - I still have days where I want to reach for the razor and shave off all of my hair, but I generally have more good hair days than bad ones. Along the long and bumpy road to manageable hair, I have honed a strict hair regimen to ensure minimum craziness. It is with great trust and love that I now pass my secret recipe onto all of you :) Here is Vi's Recipe for Long, Healthy Hair:

1. Don't Over-Wash Your Hair.
As tempting as it may be, try your best to resist over-washing your hair. Our hair produces natural oils which are healthy for the hair and scalp. When you wash your hair (especially if you use a harsh shampoo), you strip these oils out. So, when you over-wash your hair, your body produces more oil to compensate and your hair actually becomes greasier than if you were to let it chill for day or two. Personally, I wash my hair every other day to every three days. Less washing will give you shinier, more moisturized hair.

2. Get Your Hair Cut Often.
When you are trying to grow your hair, getting a cut may seem counterproductive, but it will actually do wonders! There's nothing worse than long hair with dry, split ends. Keep your hair clipped and tidy so that when you achieve your goal length it will be shiny and healthy.

3. Find Your Product and Stick With It.
 I cannot tell you how many bad mousses, creams, gels and waxes that I have tried over the years. Don't worry about brands. Instead, focus on what product gives you the desired effect. For instance, no matter how many products I try, nothing does the trick like a cheap drugstore bottle of Garnier curling mousse. Who knew?!

4. Embrace What You Love.
When it comes to hair, we all want what we don't have. Without any product or heat, I have weirdly frizzy, not-quite-curly-not-quite-straight hair. I always felt insecure as a teen surrounded by straight-haired blondes about my big fat Greek hair, but as I grew up I realized that it was what made me look like me. I just don't feel quite right with straight hair; I feel like it gives me peanut head (don't pretend like you don't know what that is...). Once I learned to embrace my big hair, I felt much more comfortable and confident :)

5. Give Your Hair What It Craves.
Pay attention to your what your hair needs. If you spot dry, split ends in the wintertime, rub a little moisturizing oil into your fingertips and spread it into your hair. If you have greasy roots in the morning when you wake up, spritz a little dry shampoo onto your locks to soak up the excess oil without stripping your hair with a harsh liquid shampoo. The trick to healthy hair is to compensate for damaging external factors like weather, stress, heat styling, etc!

6. Cool It With The Heat Styling.
Heat styling always yields the nicest beauty results, but the process can be damaging to your hair. To keep your locks healthy and glowing, decide what heat styling you can live without. For example, I cut out the blow dryer by letting my hair air dry overnight. That way, I can use a straightener to curl my hair without feeling too guilty. You don't have to go completely heat-free, just save it for where it matters.

Wishing you shampoo-commercial-worthy hair!!
Talk soon,

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


 Shirt: H&M (find it here)
Shorts: H&M (find a similar one here)
Watch: Couturier, Tissot (find it here)
 Necklace: Ardene (find a similar one here)
Lipstick: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, Kiss Me Coral (find it here)
Sandals: Monastiraki Flea Market, Athens (find a similar pair here)

Hi all :) This week I was back in downtown Toronto for Adventure Thursday (which is again taking place on a Wednesday because of my schedule). Joining me for my outing was my sister Zoe, as well as my great friends Alyssa and Lauren. As usual, our afternoon started off with a little shopping (I just can't help myself) and I ended up finding some good sales! I got a delicious yellow sweater from Banana Republic (think of an over-sized, preppy, 1950s-type look), an adorable white lace dress which will be perfect for Osheaga next month and a super-sexy pair of black heels. We were also going to check out the farmer's market in Nathan Phillips Square, but it was all shut down by the time we got there...oh well, next time.

While we were brainstorming adventure ideas, my friend and I decided to try out a new restaurant as part of Toronto's Summerlicious promotion. Summerlicious is an initiative run by the city, where some of the nicest restaurants create a prix fixe menu so that mere mortals like us can try out their food. It usually includes an app, an entree and dessert for twenty-five, thirty-five or forty-five dollars. It's a pretty sweet deal, so if you're in the area I would definitely recommend testing it out (check out the website here)!

Since we all love Thai food, we made a reservation at the Bangkok Garden (find the website here). According to the website, they specialize in creating authentic Thai dishes in a unique atmosphere and they did not disappoint! Not only was the decor beautiful (picture a river filled with coi fish and bronze Buddha statues all around), but the food was super yummy. I got the seafood stir fry and it was sooo spicy and delicious. My sister and I went splitsies (read: the universal sibling code of ordering two meals and then splitting them so you get to try both options), so I also had the spicy curry pad thai! Yum. What a lovely way to spend a day!

Talk soon,

Sunday, 8 July 2012


Hi everyone :) I hope that you all had fun this weekend. On Friday, I went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto for a band showcase. My friend's brothers were both playing with their band Peregrine (check out their facebook here).
I decided to wear the striped H&M sweater dress that I bought a couple of weeks ago - it's so comfy and easy to style. One of my favourite things about dresses is that you just pop them over your head and you're pretty much ready to go! Since the event was in the evening, I threw on some wedges and red lipstick to dress it up a bit. My sister and her boyfriend came out to support the band too, so I got to squeeze in some more sister time :)
After the gig, we went for a little walk and then headed home. My poor feet have gotten so used to wearing running shoes all day, that they were aching by the end of the night. Side note: aren't these the prettiest orchids?! I saw them in the window of a corner store as we were walking back to the car. I'm always so impressed by people who can grow flowers, because mine always die :P

Talk soon,

Thursday, 5 July 2012


Tank Top: H&M (find it here)
 Leggings: Dynamite (find it here)
Scarf: H&M (find a similar one here)
 Lipstick: Revlon Lasting Finish Lipstick #084 (find it here)
Flats: Payless Shoes (find them here
Glasses: Fendi (find them here)
Hi everyone! I thought that I'd do a quick OOTD post today. I usually do an Adventure Thursday post on Fridays, but I'm feeling so pooped from work that I'm going to spend the day catching up on sleep and visiting my godparents instead :) They have three of the cutest little girls, so I'm sure it'll turn into an adventure of its own! I will be going downtown on Friday, however, to watch my friend's band play their first big gig at the Hard Rock Cafe (exciting!), so look out for a post about that over the weekend.
The outfit that I wore yesterday was super simple and comfortable. After work, I went to a pub near my house to grab a drink with my friend, so the atmosphere was laid back and casual. I'm always hesitant to post an outfit containing leggings-as-pants, but it can be such a cute look when done right. When you wear leggings, you should always remember two things. Firstly, they are made from a much more casual material than pants or jeans, so you should only wear them in informal settings. Secondly, nobody wants to see your crotch. Well...maybe some people do, but hopefully they aren't the ones that you're dressing to please ;) No matter what, make sure that the hem of your shirt falls low enough to hide yo' business. I got this light pink top at H&M and it's perfect to wear with shorts or leggings because it's extra long. Something about baby pink seems so summery too!
To accessorize, I threw on my floral H&M scarf and my sparkly gold flats. It was such a scorcher today that I couldn't stand the thought of a sweater or jacket. Ahhh summertime... I also wore my Fendi glasses, which have become one of those staple pieces that I wear all of the time. I have other glasses frames, but none seem to suit me like these puppies :)
I'll leave you all with these pretty pictures that I took in my backyard. Since my parents are away and I've been working so much, I hadn't been down to the garden in a couple of weeks. When I went back there today to take my pictures, everything looked so pretty and overgrown! It was like Secret Garden (minus the cholera outbreak and spoiled children).

Talk soon,

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Sunday was Canada's 145th birthday! Since I'm a huge history nerd, I've collected 5 Fun Facts about our great nation :)

1. Kanata is the Iroquoian word for 'village' or 'settlement'.

2. In terms of land mass, Canada is the world's second-largest country. In terms of population, we are the ninth most sparsely-populated country in the world.

3. In 1998, 15 000 Canadian military personnel were deployed to deal with a massive snow storm. That's the largest deployment of Canadian forces since the Korean War.

4. William Shatner, Jim Carrey, Pamela Anderson, Justin Beiber, Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Drake and Kim Cattrall are all Canadian.

5. Recent statistics show that about 477 000 men and 54 000 women in Canada are registered participants of a hockey team. 
To celebrate, my friend Alex hosted a summer BBQ and we all got to catch up and hang out. The weather was so nice and warm that we even changed into our bathing suits for some swimming (I'm not gonna lie, I chickened-out and stuck to the hot tub). Nothing like good food, great friends and a campfire to complete the perfect summer evening.

Happy belated Canada Day,
Talk soon,

Sunday, 1 July 2012


Okay ladies, it's time to talk about ta-tas. No matter the size or shape of your boobs, learning to properly fit a bra is a crucial lesson in fashion. The right bra can accentuate, define, disguise, conceal, support or supplement what your mama gave you. But beware - the wrong bra can completely ruin an outfit. To avoid ill-fitting cups, wires that pinch and squeeze and straps that stick out all over, join us for the Life of Vi Booby Bootcamp and put all of your bra woes to bed.

First things first, let's get acquainted with the most common styles of bras. Like our bodies, bras come in a huge range of shapes and sizes. When you go bra shopping, you will probably encounter each of these cuts. All bras are not created equal, so you need to ask yourself two things before making a purchase:
a) Does the bra fit correctly (fit)?
b) Does the bra do what I want it to (function)?

Each of the styles below has a unique function. Some bras minimize, while others amp up your natural cleavage. Some bras are meant to be seen, while others are supposed to be invisible. Here are nine of the most common cuts:
TO SUPPORT: If you want to support a larger bust or you need to lock down the girls while you're at the gym, you need to find a bra that lifts and supports your breasts. For athletic activities like going to the gym or running, try a sports bra. The thick straps and moulded cups will make sure that everything stays put even if you don't. For everyday support (especially if you wear a C-cup or larger), try out a full coverage bra. The longer midsection will help prevent any spillage. Underwires are another great way to get definition and support. Try... the Ta-Ta Tamer from Lululemon for extreme support (find it here).

TO ENHANCE: If you want to amp up your cleavage, the push up bra is your best bet. Push up bras have an insert or padding in the bottom part of their cup. Since the cup is partially filled with material, your breast sits up higher, creating the illusion of larger breasts. It's essentially a pre-stuffed bra minus any embarrassing tissue incidents. Try... the Add-Two-Cups line from Victoria's Secret (find it here).

TO MINIMIZE: The best way to play down your chest is to wear a supportive bra without any extra padding. Wireless bras or soft-cup models are a good way to give yourself a little support without adding anything extra. However, be careful with wireless/soft-cup styles if you have a large chest - it's always better to be big and supported, than sad and saggy! If you're looking for something sexy, but you don't want to go overboard, try a demi cup model. The half-cup style will show off your assets without making them look larger. Try... the No Poke wireless bra from WonderBra (find it here).

TO CONCEAL: The best bras will do their job without ever being seen. If your clothes have a finicky neckline or oddly placed straps, try a racerback, strapless or convertible style. Each of these bras are built to stay out of the way. They'll give you all the support that you need without cramping your style. Try... the La Senza Itec Strapless Push Up Bra (find it here).

Now it's time to learn how to properly fit a bra. If you find wearing a bra to be uncomfortable, then you are probably wearing the wrong size. Bras should enhance and support, not pinch, pull, squeeze or smother. There are two main parts to correctly fitting a bra. First, you need to find out the width of your underbust (that's the 32, 34, 36, etc. part of your bra size). This part is quite easy - just grab a measuring tape and wrap it around your body just beneath your bust. This step might be easier to do if you're already wearing a bra, just because it will keep your cleavage out of the way :)

The second part of determining your bra size is to find out which cup size you wear (this is the letter part of the sizing, A, B, C, D, DD, etc.) This will be determined by the size of your breasts, rather than the size of your body. The easiest and most effective way to find out your cup size is to go and get fitted by a professional. If you feel weird about someone touching your boobs, don't worry! The attendants at most bra stores will be friendly, professional women who know exactly where to measure. It only takes a minute and it isn't invasive at all - you can keep all of your clothes on, as they measure your bust over top of your shirt.
When a bra fits correctly, you will be able to observe the following things. The straps of your bra should sit snugly against your shoulders. If you get a backache or neckache from your bra, then you either need to loosen the straps or wear a more supportive model. Next, the tips of your chest should fill out the cup. Your boobs shouldn't be squashed into the cups (go up a cup size) or hanging out in the middle of nowhere (go down a cup size). Another thing to look out for is the middle section of the bra. The little bit of material that connects the cups should sit flush against your chest. If it's gaping like crazy, then the bra doesn't fit. Last but not least, make sure that the sides of yout bra also sit nicely against your body. If the bra is stuck up in your armpits or cutting into your sides, try a different size.

1. My boobs spill over the top of my bra and you can see the line through my t-shirts. What should I do?
If you have problems with what my godmother calls spillage (pronounced in a faux french accent 'speel-ah-ge'), try going up a cup size without changing your underbust sizing. For example, if you are wearing a 36B, try a 36C. This will give your boobs a little bit of extra room without sacrificing the fit of the band.

2. All the strapless bras that I've tried either slide down or pinch. Is there an alternative?
Until recently, I had the worst time with strapless bras. I can't stand the feeling of that weird sticky plastic strip that is supposed to hold your bra up - it just slowly slips down, pinching every inch of the way - and I always got a bad case of pancake boob. Enter helpful-but-slightly-pushy-LaSenza-change-room-attendant. She insisted that I try on the strapless La Senza Itec push-up bra (find it here) and was I ever glad that I listened! This bra is made from a foamy material that's lightweight but supportive. The inside of the bra has multiple strips of sticky plastic all strategically placed to keep the bra where it's supposed to be. No pinching or pulling. Best of all, the scalloped edge keeps your boobs lifted and firmly in place the whole night long. I wear a 34D and I haven't had any problems with my strapless bra since I bought it!
3. How often should I wash my bras? What's the best way to launder them?
Bras are not like other undergarments, in that they don't need to be washed after each use. Generally speaking, boobs are pretty clean. That said, sports bras should be washed more frequently, because you tend to sweat into them (especially if you get mad boob sweat like me). Other than that, it's kinda a matter of personal preference. I wash my bras once every two weeks, but I also don't wear the same bra everyday. If you have the time, you should hand wash your bras in cold water with a laundry detergent. The washing machine can be tough on the elasticity in your bras, so make sure to put them on the easy cycle if you go that route. Be sure to pop them into a bra bag so that they don't get all snagged up in your other laundry. Last but not least, hang them up to dry. The cups and underwires get all weird if you put them in the dryer.

 4. Is there a way to avoid getting white deodorant marks on my black bra?
Nothing like a chalky white smudge of deodorant to really take the sexy out of a bra. The best way to avoid white marks on bras and clothing alike is to use a transparent deodorant like Lady Speed Stick Invisible Dry (find it here). If you're in a pinch, then grab a pair of nylons from your drawer and rub them against the stain. Put your hand inside the foot part and use it like a mitten for the best results. I have no idea why this works so well, but it always does the trick :)

I hope that Booby Bootcamp was helpful!
Talk soon,