Thursday, 31 May 2012


Hi everyone :) Phewwww, has it ever been a crazy week at work! I'm so excited to be back at my keyboard - I've found a great (and affordable) product for us all to try. I first saw these feather hair extensions on Anna Saccone's blog The Style Diet a couple of weeks ago and was really excited to try them. They are made by Picasso Hair Feathers and are 100% cruelty free. I didn't realize that hair feathers could be cruelty positive, but apparently roosters are killed in the making of some brands. With Picasso, you can rest assured that the feather came from a rooster's butt to your head with no pain to the bird!

Picasso extensions are kink-free and super easy to care for. All you have to do is wash and style your hair normally and they will last 4-6 weeks. Just be careful to set your hot styling tools to 100-180 degrees before you style the extension. I ordered two individual strands to test them out first and I was so impressed that I bought another package of 5 feathers in Puppy Love (light pink, hot pink and brown). Both shipments were delivered within the week. Better yet, shipping is free to Canada and the United States!

There are plenty of helpful video tutorials and FAQs on the Picasso website but I thought that I'd do a photo tutorial of my own on this page as well. My mom graciously offered to be my model, so check out how to apply the extensions below:

STEP 1: Your extensions will come all sealed up neatly in a little bag. Take them out of the shipping envelope and remove the feather bundle from its package. There are some styling instructions on the insert, so make sure you save it for later.

STEP 2: Decide which colour extension (or extensions) you want to apply. My mom and I both applied light pink ones in each other's hair tonight. I prefer the neutral-coloured extensions like brown, grey and pink, but they also have all sorts of bold colours if you prefer a bit of drama.

STEP 3: Decide where you want your extension to go. You want to be sure that the metal clasp is hidden under a layer of hair so that it doesn't show when you wear your hair down. You also want to make sure that it isn't too close to the nape of your neck, because then it might show when you wear a ponytail. Pin up a section of your hair and you're ready to go.

STEP 4: Choose a thin strip of hair - about the same thickness as the extension itself - and loop the little plastic applicator over the strand. Now here's the trick that I missed the first time that I applied one of the feathers. Pull on the end knob of the plastic applicator. This will tighten the loop. Once the loop is tight around the base of your hair, give it a tug and pull the hair strand all the way through the metal clasp. The plastic loop will fall off and both the feather and your hair strand will be inside of the loop.

STEP 5: In order to secure the extension, grab a pair of pliers and squeeze the metal clasp shut. Be sure to give yourself a little bit of wiggle room between the metal clasp and your scalp. The first time I applied one of these extensions, I fastened it a little too close to my head and it pulled for a day or two.

STEP 6: Last but not least, snip the end of the extension to match the length of your hair. Another great thing about Picasso extensions is that they are guaranteed to be at least 14" in length. I hadn't had a haircut in a very long time (which I finally took care of this evening - phew!) and the extensions were still long enough to match my ends, so they are great for girls with extra long hair.

Voila! Easy peasy :) This is the final product - aren't they lovely? I like that they peek out from underneath your hair to give you a little oomph, while still being subtle enough to wear to work.

Have any of your guys tried feather extensions?
Talk soon,

Saturday, 26 May 2012


Why I Love Him: I thought that it was time to bring in a male style icon, so who better than Mr. Bond himself. Compared to other camera-loving stars, the famously private Daniel Craig is hardly photographed, but his great style catches your eye nonetheless! I really love how Craig plays around with fashion accessories, like shoes, hats, belts and bags. In a world of t-shirt-and-jeans men, it's a refreshing change. I also like that Craig isn't afraid to dress up. His street style is classy and upscale without looking overdone, while his red carpet style's very James Bond.
Best Style Moment: I think his best red carpet moment was the Tom Ford tuxedo he wore to the 2009 Oscars (top centre). The midnight blue colour, the silk lapels and collar and the white pocket square were the perfect finishing touches to a perfectly elegant tuxedo. In terms of street style, my favourite moment was definitely the grey-blue grandpa sweater and white henley combo he wore in London (bottom centre). Love me a henley. That face doesn't hurt either... 
Worst Style Moment: While I understand the look that he was going for with the denim shirt and red scarf combo he wore to 'LIVE' with Regis and Kelly in 2011 (you know, the bohemian-French-artist-who-wears-kooky-scarves look), I just couldn't get behind the outfit.  
Defining Style Attributes: Fitted suits, accent accessories, aviator-style sunglasses, layered clothing and snazzy shoes.

Talk soon,

Thursday, 24 May 2012


Eyeshadow (on lids): Covergirl Eye Enhancers #110 (find it here)
Eye Liner: Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Line in Black (find it here)
Eyeshadow (over liner): NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Paris (find it here)
Mascara: Covergirl LashBlast Mascara (find it here)

Hi everyone! I haven't done a beauty post in a while, so I thought I'd do a makeup tutorial today to change things up. As you all know, I'm a complete creature of habit when it comes to makeup, so I pretty much do the same look everyday. I really love winged eyeliner - it's a fun way to add a little personality to a professional, everyday look. Even though a 'cat eye' can seem a bit daunting at first, it's actually very easy to do once you get the hang of it. Check out the tips below and, with a little practice, you'll get the perfect eyeliner every time!

  • Choose a thin, flat eyeliner brush. A good way to tell how well a brush will work is to turn it to the side and gauge the thickness of the bristles. You want it to be super skinny and pointed from the side, even if it's a wider brush. Don't feel obliged to use the brush that comes packaged with the eyeliner.
  • Start small. Use little brushstrokes and build up your line slowly. It's much easier to add more colour than to take some away.
  • Try a gel formula. If you find that liquid liners are messy or too hard to apply, try switching to a gel formula. They are far more precise than pencil liners, but much easier to work with than liquid formulas.
  • Apply your liner before your mascara. This step is important for two reasons. Firstly, your eyeliner and brushstrokes might disturb your eyelashes - making them look spiky or clumpy - if you've already applied your mascara. Secondly, you can wiggle your mascara wand at the base of your eyelashes to fill in any empty spots that you might have missed. 
  • Seal your liner with eyeshadow. Like any liquid or gel makeup product, eyeliner lasts longer and looks 'blacker' if it's sealed with a powder. Think of how you dust powder over your foundation with a fluffy brush. Do the same thing with your eyeliner by packing a little black eyeshadow onto your eyeliner brush and (carefully) pressing it onto the line.
Dip your eyeliner brush into a gel or liquid liner and wipe any excess product onto the lip of the container. For the best results, be sure that the bristles of your brush stay flat and thin. Line the front of your brush (the widest part) up horizontally with the base of your eyelashes, so that the top of the bristles leave a thin line against your eyelid. Starting at the middle of your lid, confidently draw the brush towards the outer corner of your eye. Stay as close to your lash line as possible.

Add a little more product to your brush, using the same technique as before, and slowly build up your line. Draw the line down towards the inner corner of your eye using small, thin strokes. You want the line to be the thinness towards the inner corner of your eye and slightly thicker towards the outer corner of your eye. Use small brushstrokes to thicken the outer third of the cat eye.

Once you are satisfied with the shape and thickness of the line, use the thinnest part of your brush to create a small extension. Place your brush at the outer corner of your eye (where the top and bottom lids meet) and draw the product up to meet the top edge of your eyeliner. Like a little triangle. Depending on how dramatic you want to be on a scale of one-to-Adele, add little brushstrokes to extend the cat eye. Once you are all done, keep your eyelid closed and give the liner a minute to set (especially if you are using a liquid formula!).

Have a great Friday!
Talk soon,

Monday, 21 May 2012


Romper: Forever 21 (find a similar one here)
Watch: Couturier, Tissot (find it here)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban (find them here)
Earrings: Aldo (find a similar pair here)
 Shoes: Payless Shoes (find them here)

Hi guys :) Here in Canada, the second last weekend in May is a long weekend in celebration of Victoria Day and the weather has been fantastic. There's nothing like a hot, sunny long weekend to really put you in a good mood!

Yesterday, we had a bunch of friends and family over to celebrate my grandfather's nameday (he was born in Greece, so he celebrates his nameday instead of his birthday). Since the weather was sooo warm, I was able to wear my blue and white striped romper. I actually bought this romper without even trying it on! I was at the checkout at Forever 21 a couple of months ago (there was still snow on the ground, so I wasn't really thinking about shorts weather yet, lol) and the cashier told me that I had picked one of my items off of a buy-1-get-1-free rack. Since I didn't want to hold up the line, I raced back to the rack and snatched up the first cute thing I saw. Turns out that the romper actually fits quite well and is perfect for hot summer days!

Since the striped pattern is pretty busy, I kept my accessories simple. I wore my favourite over-sized cream studs and a pair of plain black wedges. If you want to try wearing a romper, but you find that they cut off the line of your leg, add a pair of wedges. They are easy to wear and they give your legs and bum a boost! You can also check out my "How To: Fit a Romper" post for more tips and tricks (find it here).

Wishing you warm, sunny weather!
Talk soon,

Friday, 18 May 2012


Hi guys! Today I'm going to do a review of Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. Being a self-confessed manicure snob (check out my review on Shellac here), I had been curious about this product for a while. Easy application, flawless finish and hard-as-nails durability all in one go? It seemed too good to be true, so I decided to test them out myself. I chose a light pink-nude colour (I'm a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to nail colour) called Tu Tu Much for my test run. Here are the results:

Application: The first strip that I applied to my nail was a bit of a learning curve and I ended up removing it and trying again. In theory, the application is very simple. All you have to do is peel off the backing and stick the strip onto your nails. In reality, it takes a bit more maneuvering. The strips are very thin, so I found that the hardest part was lining the bottom of the strip up with the base of your nail without ripping the polish. That said, filing off the top of the strip is super quick and easy. In all honesty, it's probably just as much hassle as painting on nail polish the old-fashioned way.
Score out of 10: 4
Finish: The biggest disappointment with this product was definitely the finish. The reason that I love salon manicures and Shellac is because the finish is smooth and glossy (almost wet-looking) even after it's dry. From far away the polish strips look glossy and smooth, but upon closer inspection you can see all sorts of little bubbles and tears. Although, I do think that the poopy finish might have to do more with my colour choice than the product as a whole. The strips were an opaque pink in the package, but once I peeled off the backing, the colour was completely translucent. I tried adding a second layer, but the finish was still so-so. I would definitely recommend sticking to the patterned strips if you are going to use this product. They look much more opaque.
Score out of 10: 2
Durability: What this product lacks in finish, it certainly makes up for in durability. So far, I've been wearing the polish strips for three days and they still look exactly the same as they did when I applied them. I have typed endlessly on the computer, beaten them up on a waitressing shift and washed my hands repeatedly with little to no effect. While they do have little bubbles and tears, those were there when I applied them.
Score out of 10: 10
Colour Selection: I think the main attraction of this product is all of the crazy patterns that you can get. I did a bit of research to see if anyone else had trouble applying them and it seems that the patterned strips work much better than plain coloured ones. If that's true, then they have a very wide range of patterned polish strips to choose from and - as long as you steer clear of the solid strips - you'll have plenty of selection. To see the whole range of colours and patterns, click here.
Score out of 10: 7
Price: The cost of one package of nail strips here in Canada is usually around $10, but I purchased them on sale for $7.99. The package gives you 16 nail strips of varying sizes, which is enough to do one complete manicure. Even if you bought two packages, the different sizes mean that you wouldn't necessarily be able to do three complete manicures. So while they are slightly more affordable than paying for a professional manicure (which can range anywhere from $5 to $30), they aren't really cost effective unless you buy them on sale.
Score out of 10: 6


Have a great weekend everyone!
Talk soon,

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Hi everyone! This weekend was Mother's Day in Canada, so we got to celebrate all of the fabulous mamas out there :) My sister, dad and I got my mom an assortment of yummy bath and beauty products, as well as a Game of Thrones mug (Winter is Coming!). Then, we all had a delicious breakfast together that my amazing mama whipped up in the kitchen - yummmmy! Later in the afternoon, we all drove down to see my grandma and visit with my mom's family. As promised, here are some pictures from Mother's Day morning:
 My sister Zoe and I sporting morning naked faces :)
 My amazing mama cooking up a breakfast feast!

Talk soon,

Monday, 14 May 2012


Hi everyone :) One of the biggest trends that we saw last summer was the romper and, as the weather warms up, it seems to be coming back for round two! There's something so youthful and playful about rompers. That said, it can be hard to find one that suits your body type, since they have to fit both your top and bottom halves properly. If you're having trouble finding the perfect romper, here's what to look for:
Arms/Straps: The straps or arms of a romper are one of the easier parts to fit. If you have a bigger bust or broad shoulders, try a style that has adjustable straps (like the kind on a bra) so that you can lengthen or shorten them to fit. You should also choose a style that suits your body type. For instance, if you want to minimize your upper arms, try longer sleeves or a thick strap instead of a strapless model. Don't be afraid to try on different styles to learn what suits your figure!

Bust: It's very important to fit your bust properly in a romper, so that it will flatter your shape. If you want to amp up your bust, try a little embellishment around the neckline or a bustier bodice. On the contrary if you want to flatter a big bust, make sure to find a structured model that will shape and support the girls - best to steer clear of strapless versions, unless they have a lot of tailoring. If you get stuck, think of the kinds of shirts and tank tops that look best on you. How are the constructed? What's the neckline? Look for those same features in a romper and you'll be set :)

Torso: Oh the torso...this is one of the toughest parts of fitting a romper. If you're short, or you have a short torso, rompers tend to bag around the bum because of the extra fabric in the middle. If you're tall, or you have a long torso, most rompers probably give you a massive wedgie because there isn't enough fabric in the middle. The trick is to look for a romper that's constructed the same way as your favourite tank top. If you need more room for a long torso, find a romper with a low waistband (like the long-sleeved navy version above). Similarly if you have a short torso, play around with higher waistbands (like the pink and white model above) to balance your proportions.
Waist: In order to get the best possible fit in your romper, you want to be sure that it nips in at the waist to accentuate your figure. If you're wearing a high-waisted style, then the waistband of the 'shorts' part of the romper will naturally accentuate your waist. However if you go for a low-waisted romper, then you'll want to be sure that the top of the romper falls close to your body so that you maintain the line of your silhouette.

Hips and Legs: Last but not least, you want to be sure that the legs and hips of your romper fit properly. This part is relatively easy if you consider how you usually wear your shorts. Do you prefer low-waisted or high-waisted styles? Do you like embellishments like cuffed shorts and front pockets? All you have to do is look for these same characteristics in a romper and you'll be ready to romp the summer away!

Wishing you summer onesies!
Talk soon,

Saturday, 12 May 2012


Romper: Garage Clothing (find a similar version here)
Cardigan: Club Monaco (find a similar one here)
Shoes: Ecco (find a similar version here)
Watch: Tissot (find it here)
Hi everyone :) Just a quick OOTD post today - I have to work this evening and finish getting ready for Mother's Day tomorrow. What are you guys doing for Mother's Day? I'm going to visit my grandma with my family, so I'll try to do a post on Monday or Tuesday with some pictures.

This outfit is very similar to one of the first OOTD posts that I ever wrote (take a trip down memory lane by clicking here). Today was very warm, but humid and overcast, so I was able to wear shorts for the first time this spring. I really like rompers for warm weather - they seem to have a certain youthfulness about them that reminds me of summer fun :) That being said it can be really tricky to fit a romper, since they have to suit so many different parts of your body. I think I might do a "How To: Fit a Romper" post - would you guys find that helpful?

Happy Mother's Day to everyone celebrating tomorrow!
Talk soon,

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Pants: H&M (find them here)
Shirt: Gap (find it here)
Necklace: H&M (find a similar one here)
Shoes: Ecco (find a similar pair here)
Watch: Couturier, Tissot (find it here)

Good morning everyone :) I hope that you all are having a great week and gearing up for the weekend! This is the outfit I wore on Tuesday. I had a day off from work so I grabbed coffee with my friend and ran errands during the day and then went on a date in the evening. I know that dressing for a date can be tough, but I think it's always best to just dress in something that you feel comfortable in and that displays your personality. Even if it means wearing hot pink pants lol.

I really wanted to try the coloured jeans trend that's so popular right now, so I picked up these hot pink pants on sale at H&M. At first I was nervous about styling them since they're soooo bright, but I have really come to love the colour! It's important to try new things and push yourself out of your comfort zone when it comes to clothes - you're only young once, so have fun with it! Since my pants were such a pop of colour, I paired them with the plain white T-shirt that I got from the Gap a couple of weeks ago and my black ballet flats. I also wore my new(ish) statement necklace, since the bright pink and orange beads complimented my pants perfectly.

Talk soon,

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Hi guys! Sorry I was MIA this week, but my poor camera finally died after years of faithful service. Of course it decided to kick it right before I took the photos for my "How To: At Home Manicure" post, but I'll redo it sometime this coming week.

For now, I have some exciting fashion news! Remember when I took you guys along on my New York shopping trip (if not check out my "Come Shopping with Me" post here) and I saw that really nice Fossil backpack, but didn't buy it because of the price? Well... I kept waiting for it to go on sale, but instead it sold out :( One of the sad risks of being a recessionista. Anyways, Fossil took it down off their website and I couldn't seem to find it anywhere. I started looking at similar styles from other companies, but none were quite what I was looking for.

This past week, my dad went on a road trip with some of his friends to Philadelphia and started searching around for the backpack. Since Fossil is an American brand, they usually have a more limited selection of styles and colours available in Canada. So after scouring the city, my dad found a Fossil outlet that still had two of the green knapsacks left! When I got up for work the day after he came home, he surprised me with the gift -what a great daddy!

I think that stylish backpacks can be such a cool accessory! It looks so youthful and chic when you see someone with a nice backpack or book bag. And it will be a mercy on my back when I start lugging around legal textbooks in the fall :)

Thanks Dad!
Talk soon,

Thursday, 3 May 2012


Why I Love Her: It's time for another one of my fashion girl-crushes! Since Miranda Kerr is a fashion model, it's her job to be dressed in fabulous, luxurious clothing. However, it's her red carpet style and, even more so, her street style that capture my heart. Something about Kerr's look always seems so effortless. When she's photographed out and about with her baby/friends/husband, she looks cool and fresh - and never overdressed. Moreover, she embraces her figure and styles her clothing to suit her silhouette. Now, now, I know what you're's not hard to dress your figure when you happen to be a Victoria's Secret model, but even the prettiest figure can be unflattered by the wrong clothes. Finally, Kerr uses red carpet events as an opportunity to take fashion risks, like the Marchesa ballerina dress (bottom right) that she wore to the 2011 Met Gala.

Best Style Moment: My favourite fashion moment has got to be the black Collette Dinnigan dress that Kerr wore to the AJC Australian Derby (above left). She paired it with a Prada clutch, YSL stilettos and an amazing veiled hat. Oh yeah. And Orlando Bloom.

Worst Style Moment: I really had to search for an outfit that I disliked! While she hasn't worn anything that I can't stand, I wasn't the biggest fan of the brown silk gown she wore to the 2012 AACT Awards in Sydney. Strangely enough, it was also designed by Collette Dinnigan and paired with Prada shoes. Just goes to show that it's all in the way you wear it!

Defining Style Attributes: Skinny leg pants with super high heels, daringly tight gowns and casual maxi dresses. Love it!

Talk soon,

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Sweater: American Eagle Outfitters (find a similar one here)
Tank Top: Calvin Klein (find a similar one here)
Jeans: Levi's (find them here)
Scarf: Urban Outfitters (find a similar one here)
Boots: Aeropostal (find a similar pair here)
Watch: Guess (find a similar one here)

Hi everyone! Do you guys every wear your parents'/siblings'/friends' clothing? When I was studying at McGill, I lived with a bunch of my girlfriends and we had a kind of 'open closet' policy; so as long as you returned things in good working order, you were allowed to wear the other person's clothes. It was great because it expanded my closet and gave me so many fun pieces to play around with that I normally wouldn't have purchased. Thankfully my parents are super fashion-forward, so even though I've moved home, I still get to root through other people's closets and put together cool new outfits. 

Today's outfit is a prime example of my clothing-borrowing ways. I'm going to see Stars on Ice with a friend tonight (the very same friend who closet-shared with me in Montreal), so I wanted something fun to wear that would be warm enough for an ice rink. I borrowed this fabulous off-the-shoulder sweater from my mom's closet. When you're borrowing from other people's closets, remember to dress their clothes to fit you. For instance, my mom and I have very different figures - she's long and tall to my short and curvy. So in order to wear her sweater, I had to add a white tank (also from her closet) underneath to give the shirt a little more structure. Side note: If you find that off-the-shoulder tops make a larger bust look boxy, try adding a fitted shirt underneath to give your silhouette some definition.

Since the top half of my outfit fit loosely, I balance it out with my new pair off Levi's skinny jeans. After years of faithful service, my $11 skinnies from Forever 21 finally gave out. RIP. Since I was so impressed with the black Levi's Curve ID skinny jeans that I bought a couple of months ago, I returned to buy the same pair in dark blue. But be careful when you're shopping at Levi's - all of their jeans are made from slightly different materials (I assume it's so that they hold their colour properly), so if you're buying the same pair of jeans in a different colour, you should try them on first! I ended up wearing a slightly smaller size in blue than in black. This pair is the darkest blue wash that they make and so far I'm loving them!

Last but not least, I added my dad's black and white triangle scarf and my mom's motorcycle boots. Despite my dislike for mid-calf boots, I have a soft spot for motorcycle boots. They look so cool and casual and they remind me of the Sons of Anarchy (if you've never seen that show, then run don't walk to the nearest TV and watch it!) My look isn't particularly edgy per se, but I like adding in unfamiliar touches to mix it up. As for the scarf, I bought it as a Christmas gift for my dad a couple of years ago and I can't help but borrow it every once in a while lol. 

Talk soon!