Saturday, 31 March 2012


Why I Love Her: My favourite element of Emma Stone's style is that she isn't afraid to dress her age. At 23 years old, she plays with length, proportion and colour to keep her outfits young and interesting. While she certainly isn't afraid to glam it up for the red carpet, Stone keeps her street style classic and cool with jeans, scarves and pea coats. I also have mad respect for anyone who successfully wears bright red dresses with bright red hair.

Best Style Moment: I absolutely love the red-orange Lavin gown that she wore to the 2011 BAFTA awards! The single-shoulder silhouette, combined with the thigh-high slit kept the dress looking young and fresh, while the bright shade perfectly complimented her fair complexion. Perfection!

Worst Style Moment: Not a fan of the peach Calvin Klein number that she wore to the 2011 Golden Globes. I get the whole tone-on-tone look, but I thought that the colour washed her out.

Defining Style Attributes: Skinny jeans and pea coats for everyday; bright colours, floor-length gowns, statement detailing and clutches for the red carpet.

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Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Shirt: Dynamite (find it here)
Skirt: H&M (find a similar one here)
Tights: H&M (find a similar pair here)
Watch: Couturier, Tissot (find it here)
Shoes: Ecco (find a similar pair here)
Hey all! I'm having one of those weeks where I keep getting a day ahead of myself - does that ever happen to you? I think it's because I've been off work for the past few weeks and you start to loose track of the days. What have all of you guys been up to this week? On Saturday I had a 'girls night' in Toronto with two of my best friends. We ate at a delicious Indian restaurant called Babur (mmmm....samosas...mmmm) and then we hit up Yuk Yuk's to catch their "Cool Chicks of Comedy" show. I had never been to a Yuk Yuk's before, but I loved it! The comedians were so funny, I thought I was going to die laughing.

The outfit that I wore was pretty simple. I chose the same black skirt that I've been wearing a lot over the past couple of weeks (I can't help myself - it's so easy and comfy) with a pair of opaque tights and flats. I paired it with this new ruffly floral top that I bought at Dynamite. I had originally purchased this top as part of my 'grown up work clothes' mission since it matches my blue suit, but I think it looks really nice in casual outfits as well. Just goes to show that you really can get lots of use out of your work clothes! This was also the night that I tried out my dark red-brown lipstick as part of my "4 in 4" challenge. I really like the way it played up the maroon flowers in the top.

The next morning I made an impromptu road trip to Kingston to sign the lease for a new apartment. After months of studying, applying and waiting for acceptances, I have finally decided to go to Queen's University for law school yayyy! Needless to say, I had to find myself a place to live :) I'm really excited to decorate the apartment in September. I'll make sure to take before and after pictures to show you guys.

If you want to find a Yuk Yuk's near you (they're all over the country) click the link below. It's a great idea for a date or a night with your friends! After all, who doesn't like a good laugh?!

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Hey all! I saw this girl walking her dog when I was apartment hunting in Kingston and I just had to stop her and take a picture. Her poor puppy Ozzie was not so thrilled about being in the photo - he kept trying to get out of the shot lol! Her fabulous hair and red lipstick were the first things that caught my eye. It wasn't until I we started talking that I noticed her amazing shoes!! I love how she styled her red leather combat boots!

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Sunday, 25 March 2012


This Week's Mission: Dark lipstick. I used a Smashbox lip colour that I got as a gift in a palette kit, so the products weren't fully labeled, but I think it was Infrared Matte (or one shade browner). You can check out all the Smashbox lipstick colours on their website (find it here).

Inspiration: I'm super addicted to The Good Wife lately and the main character (played by Julianna Margulies) always wears the best dark browny-red lipstick.

Tips and Tricks: Between bleeding and smearing, dark lipstick can be a pain in the butt to apply. I find that it works best if you start by exfoliating and moisturizing your lips. Lipliner is a must with dark shades because it helps the colour stay put. If you want a step by step guide on how to apply bold lip colours, check out my "How To: Red Lipstick" post (find it here).

Results: I really liked this look once it was all said and done. As long as you have the lip colour in your purse for touch ups (dark lipstick needs to be touched up during the night because it fades around the opening of your lips), it's quite easy to wear! I also found that it was surprisingly flattering against my complexion. Although it does accentuate your fairness, it also brings out the rosiness in your cheeks :) I will definitely wear this look again!

Some of my friends decided to join me for my 4 in 4 challenge - check out their looks below! Alex (left) and Lauren (far right) both chose Revlon's Colourburst Lip Butter in 040 Red Velvet (find it here). Did you guys try this trend? Send in a picture of your look and I'll post it here!

Stay tuned for next week's beauty challenge!
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Saturday, 24 March 2012


Hi all :) I was in the mood for an art attack the other day when I came across this great project on Martha Stewart's website. By wrapping embroidery thread around an old bangle, you can create a bright new bracelet for spring! I decided to do a sort of nautical theme with red, navy and white thread, but you can choose any colour that you'd like.

All you need for this project is embroidery thread (try looking at Fabricland), a glue stick and a needle to completely change the look of your bracelet. It's so easy that I redid both of these bracelets while catching up on some of my favourite TV shows. Best of all, the whole project only cost me three dollars! Give it a try by clicking on the link below for more detailed instructions.

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Friday, 23 March 2012


Time for fashion challenge! As you guys know, while I like to experiment with clothes, I'm pretty boring when it comes to my hair and makeup. I tend to do the same thing - and I mean exactly the same thing - every day :) So it's time to get creative. 

I've chosen four looks (2 hair, 2 makeup) to try over the next four weeks. I really love the look of all of these beauty trends, but haven't had the guts to try them yet (read: have tried and failed at them). Mostly because falsies end up stuck to my palm and sock buns tend to look like I got a scrunchie stuck in my hair. But fear not! In the name of fashion I shall endeavour to try again. I'll show you the results and give you any tips or tricks that I pick up along the way.

If you guys want to do the challenge with me, then send me pictures of each look and I'll post them here! Or you can tweet them and tag me. I'm not sure if that's the proper Twitter lingo, but you get the idea.

Talk soon!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Dress: Forever 21 (find a similar one here)
Coat: Forever 21 (find a similar one here)
Flats: Ecco (find a similar pair here)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban (find them here)

Hey everyone :) There's nothing quite like a change in season to kick your wardrobe into high gear! The thrill of pairing your newest items with old favourites and the lovely feel of sun on your face make it extra exciting to get dressed in the morning. It seems like spring really has sprung a couple of months early here in Canada! 

My mom bought me this lovely dress last summer for my birthday and I was so excited to bring it out again. If you're nervous about wearing a full-length skirt, look for something with a small pattern like the one above (it's easier to style than a larger print). As long as you hem the bottom so that it hangs an inch or two above the ground (no dragging!), it will be flattering on tall and short figures alike. 

Another great thing about the maxi dress is that it can be dressed up or down in a matter of minutes. Throw on a pair of heels for a party or keep it casual with flats/wedges and a sweater or bomber jacket. Best of all, jersey maxis like this one are super comfortable and easy to wear. Easy peasy!

Talk soon,

Monday, 19 March 2012


Why I Love Her: My favourite thing about Kate Middleton's style is that it's elegant, classy and still wearable. As a former accessories buyer for British label Jigsaw, Middleton knows fashion. Always demure and appropriate, she manages to stay fashion-forward and interesting without showing too much skin. Moreover, Middleton isn't afraid to cross some of the stupider fashion lines - she wears the same clothes to multiple high-profile events, does her own hair and makeup and mixes designer pieces with high street stores. All in all, Middleton's style is polished and tailored whether she's in jeans or in a gown.

Best Style Moment: Between her stunning wedding dress and black velvet gala gown - both by McQueen - or the crisp jeans and blazer combo she wore on her Canadian tour, Middleton has no shortage of fabulous outfits to chose from. That being said, I think that the blue Zara dress, black blazer and LK Bennett wedges that she wore the day after her wedding comes in at the top of my list. Effortless, classy and elegant.

Worst Style Moment: While I understand that it's a royal statement, the morning coat dress is not my favourite. The periwinkle blue jacquard coat dress that she wore in 2009 and then again in 2011 is a good example.

Defining Style Attributes: Fitted skinny jeans (usually tailored a bit short), structured blazers, coat dresses, long-sleeved gowns and a-line dresses are among her favourites.

Talk soon,

Saturday, 17 March 2012


Belt: H&M (find a similar one here)
Dress: H&M (find it here)
Sweater: Joe Fresh (find a similar one here)
Tights: H&M (find a similar pair here)

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!!
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Friday, 16 March 2012


Oh, Saint Patrick's Day. As usual it poses a fashion dilemma. How do you uphold your duty to wear green without looking like a sad Irish leprechaun? The thing is, green is not always the easiest colour to wear. Most of the green items that I own come in pseudo-neutral shades like olive, khaki and army green - appropriate for everyday life, but not Team Green enough for this particularly tricky holiday. Here are three ways to dress for St-Patty's Day using pieces that you can wear year-round, thus avoiding a fashion hangover, if not a real one.

For a cute and flirty St. Patrick's Day outfit, try a bright green dress with black accessories. A great solid frock can be dressed up for work or dressed down for the weekend, so you'll get plenty of use out of it. Throw on your favourite pair of black flats and a fitted blazer for a chic, tailored look. If it's warm outside, ditch the tights and substitute a pair of black wedges instead!
Try this: Green Dress, H&M (find it here)

If you're keeping your celebrations low-key, grab a green v-neck to get you through the night. The deep neckline is universally flattering and a solid sweater can be re-purposed for work or play. Jazz up your outfit with a pair of bright flats, which add a fun pop of colour on any day of the year. Toss on your bomber jacket and you're ready to go :)
Try this: Mock Button Cuff Sweater, Forever 21 (find it here)

If you're feeling daring, why not try out the new coloured denim craze? Red, pink, yellow, orange and green denim are all super on trend this season, so go ahead and experiment. Pair your bright jeans with a pair of sexy pumps and a translucent top for a fashion-forward look. Pull the whole thing together with some bold green statement jewellery.
Try this: Coloured Denim Capris (find them here)
As for me, I think I'm going to go for a dressed-down version of the 'flirty' look. I'll post an OOTD later this weekend. Hope you all have a great St. Patty's Day!! Stay safe :)
Talk soon,

Thursday, 15 March 2012


Why I Love Her: The great thing about fashion blogger Garance Dore is that you can get to know her through her blog. Her daily updates allow you to understand why and how she chooses her wardrobe, as well as her thoughts on different styles and trends. She recently started an internet show called Pardon My French which reveals her experiences in the fashion industry and showcases her bubbly personality and adorable accent. Check out her website here.

Best Style Moment: I love Dore's street style! She has really mastered the art of dressing down. Even in heels and trouser pants, she manages to look effortless and casual. Her Parisian roots definitely shine through! That being said, I have to rate her army green trousers and brown jacket ensemble as my favourite (bottom right).

Worst Style Moment: I'm not the biggest fan of her socks with heels trend at Paris Fashion Week this year.

Defining Style Attributes: Trouser pants, short skirts, over-sized men's pea coats and messy buns. 

**SIDE NOTE: So what do you guys think of the 'Style Profile' series so far? Who are your fashion icons and who would you like to see in these posts? I'm planning on doing profiles on Kate Middleton, Emma Stone and Meryl Streep to start. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

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Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Skirt: H&M (find a similar one here) 
Shirt: Gap (find a similar one here)
Tights: H&M (find a similar pair here)
Watch: Couturier, Tissot (find it here)
Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger Outlet (find a similar pair here)

Hi everyone :) The weather is sooo nice today that I was finally able to bust out my flats. It's usually still pretty snowy this time of the year, but it's been warm and sunny all week (although I'm sure it'll snow again just to spite me now that I've said that). It feels so nice to get out of my boots and winter coat!

Today's outfit is a pretty simple (I feel like I say that with all of my OOTD posts, but I guess that's the way that I dress...) skirt and long-sleeve combo. I really love this light grey shirt from the Gap, because it's warm enough to keep off the spring chill, but not as heavy as a sweater. It's a great basic piece to have in your wardrobe, since you can pretty much wear it year round. Same goes for this black H&M skirt. You can wear it with tights during the fall and winter or with bare legs in the spring and summer.
To keep this outfit from being a complete snooze, I added these great silky red Tommy Hilfiger flats. I went shopping with my mom on the weekend at an outlet mall that's conveniently located on the way home from my grandma's nursing home and I bought two pairs of shoes (which says a lot coming from me, since I don't actually like shopping for shoes). The red Hilfiger flats were 70% off and I also found a great pair of black wedges for $20 at Payless (find them here)! I can't wait to wear them once the weather gets a little bit warmer. I had been hunting for a pair of wedges like the L.K. Bennett ones that Kate Middleton wore the day after her wedding - I love how polished and elegant they look - but I wasn't willing to pay upwards of $250 for the originals. Thank goodness for Payless ;)

Talk soon,

Monday, 12 March 2012


Hi everyone! Sunshine and spring flowers call for a fresh new makeup look. I must admit, I'm not the most adventurous makeup wearer. I tend to wear the same nude eye, winged liner and pale lip everyday, but every once in a while it's nice to shake things up. This fresh look and bold lip are quick and easy to do - just follow the steps below.

If you want to experiment with makeup looks online before trying them yourself, check out's virtual makeover application (find it here). You can upload a picture of yourself or choose one of their models. It's a great way to get ideas and see what colours you like.

Biore Nourish Moisture Lotion SPF 15 (find it here)

You're going to want to start off with a fresh face. Remove any makeup and use your favourite moisturizer. If you want to make sure that your makeup lasts all day long, smooth on a primer to keep everything in place.

Clinique All About Eyes Concealer, 03 Light Petal (find it here)
L'Oreal Tru Match Foundation, W2 Light Ivory (find it here
Covergirl Professional Loose Powder, 110 Translucent Light (find it here)
Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil, Hazel (find it here)

Since you want to look fresh and easy, keep your base light. Cover any imperfections such as under-eye circles, redness or pimples with a yellow-toned concealer (it will counteract the darkness/redness). Skip full-face foundation in favour of spot treatment and then dust on a translucent powder to seal everything in place. Also take a moment to fill in your eyebrows - thicker eyebrows make you look younger and fresher, so don't be afraid of bold brows.

Marcelle Velvety Powder Blush, Dust (find it here)

Using a large powder brush, buff a coral-pink blush onto the apples of your cheeks. If you aren't sure where to put it, smile and then dust the powder onto the part of your cheek that's raised. Make sure to blend it back into your hairline so that it looks natural and subtle.

Covergirl Enhancers 3-Kit Eyeshadow, 110 Shimmering Sands (find it here)
Covergirl Enhancers 1-Kit Eyeshadow, 700 French Vanilla (find it here)
Rimmel London Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil, Sable Brown (find it here)
Covergirl LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara (find it here)

Since you're going to be wearing a bold lip, keep your eyes fresh and natural. Sweep a nude-brown eyeshadow onto your lids from base to brow. Next, highlight underneath your brow and in the corners of your eyes using a warm white or cream shadow. If you're feeling daring, highlight your cupid's bow using the same colour. Choose a warm brown eyeliner pencil and draw a medium-weight line from the inside corner of your eye to the outside lashes. Gently wing it out (it shouldn't be a crisp, harsh wing like you get from using gel or liquid liner) using an angled liner brush. Last but not least, sweep on two coats of your favourite black/brown mascara to finish off your eyes.

Nivea Essential Lip Care Lip Balm (find it here)
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, Kiss Me Coral (find it here)

Make sure that your lips are in prime lipstick condition by using a gentle exfoliant and lip balm. For a more in-depth explanation of how to apply red lipstick, check out my earlier post (find it here). Your lip colour should be an orange-red or a coral-red - something bright and fun to reflect the spring weather. Avoid darker, more dramatic blue-reds, which are too heavy and cool for this look. If you're having trouble finding a colour, think of bright 1950s lips for inspiration. Don't forget to pop your lipstick into your purse so that you can touch up throughout the day!

Talk soon!

Saturday, 10 March 2012


 Scarf: H&M (find a similar one here)
 Jeans: Levi's Curve ID (find them here) 
Sweater: Zara (find a similar one here)
Boots: Ecco (find them here)
Jacket: Garage Clothing (find it here)

Hi everyone! What have you all been up to this weekend? I just had the yummiest breakfast from Cora's with my friends from university - they finally opened one near my house :) I got the special with eggs, potatoes, fruit, bacon and ham...mmmm. I think I might slip into a food coma now though.

I decided to keep my outfit casual and easy this morning, so I grabbed my faithful black Levi's and my trusty brown boots. I really love this new military 'parka' (I use quotes because it isn't warm at all) that I got from Garage Clothing last week. If you aren't familiar with the brand, Garage is a Quebecois clothing store targeted at pre-teens and teens, which is why I was surprised to see a coat that I loved in the window. Just goes to should never judge a clothing store by their ridiculously young clientele.

Talk soon!

Thursday, 8 March 2012


Hi everyone!! It's been so nice and warm lately that I've started to get excited about busting out my spring clothes :) If you live somewhere warmer than here (lucky duck!), you've probably already started sporting your spring favs, but for those of us living in cooler climates spring is just around the corner. Here are five spring trends that I'm excited to wear:

1. The Military-Inspired Jacket
I really love the new light-weight military jackets that have become popular this spring. I searched for the perfect coat - a light, spring jacket in army green with an oversized hood - for a couple of months to no avail, only to stumble across it in Garage Clothing of all places. Just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover.
Find it here.  

2. The Bomber Jacket
Nothing says spring chic like a bomber jacket. Since they are so easy to dress up or down, bomber jackets are the perfect piece for maximum use value and versatility. Try pairing it with a pair of dark jeans and a sweater for a casual look or over a party dress for a dressier option.
Find it here. 

3. The Wedge
I love the look of wedges in the spring and summer. They seem so elegant and safari-chic (not that any self-respecting woman would actually wear high heels on a real desert safari). However, wedges can easily slip over the line from tasteful to tacky if not done right. Stay away from coloured heels (wood or woven heels look more natural and classy) and avoid bootie-style wedges unless you are the newest member of the Black Eyed Peas.
Find it here. 

4. Orange
Oh orange, how I love you. I can't tell you how excited I was to see so much orange on the runway this season. I have been a proud orange-wearer for some time now and I feel like the citrusy hue gets a bad wrap. When you're wearing orange (like any colour really), choose a shade that flatters your skin tone. Try on burnt oranges, bright oranges, and neon oranges and see what suits you best. If you're feeling nervous about wearing such a bold colour, then start with orange accessories and work your way up :)
Find it here.
Find it here.  

5. The Maxi Skirt
I really love the idea of a maxi skirt for spring. If you've ever worn a maxi skirt/dress, you'll know how disconcertingly comfortable they are. You'll never want to wear pants again! When you're shopping for a maxi skirt, feel free to play with pattern and colour - all you have to do is throw on a white tank and you're ready to go. And for the record - I don't know where this rumour came from - maxi skirts and dresses look good on tall girls and short girls alike. As long as you don't loose your proportions (add a belt at the waist, wear a slim-fitting top, etc.) you'll look great!
Find it here.

What spring trends are you itching to try? Wishing you sunny spring weather!
Talk soon,

Monday, 5 March 2012


Hi everyone! Here's a quick video (I don't think it really counts as a tutorial if the recipe only has two ingredients) about how to make a great body scrub for the shower. All you need is olive oil and brown sugar - it's fast, easy and super effective! It won't leave your skin dried out, but it's tough enough to handle winter scaliness.

Side Note: You guys all get to see my slovenly, elasticized super chic sweat pants that I didn't realize were in the that's fashion, kid ;)

Talk soon,

Friday, 2 March 2012


I really love this outfit that my friend Alex wore while we were in New York last month. The different colours and textures go so nicely together - the light grey pea coat, the grey knit scarf (which she made herself!!), the brown leather gloves and the dark-wash jeans. Brilliant!

Talk soon,