Sunday, 29 January 2012


Allow me to introduce you to my mom, seamstress extraordinaire and current front-runner for Mom of the Year Award. As you know, I have Amniotic Band Syndrome. This means that my hands and feet developed differently - I have tiny hands and wrists and I come up a couple of fingers and toes short. While this does have certain advantages (manicures are a fraction of the price, I can reach the change that slips under the car seat, etc.), gloves have always proved a particular challenge. Since the fingers on gloves are way too long and adult-sized mittens are huge on me, I usually end up wearing kid's mitts. While that's all well and good for normal winter occasions, sometimes a woman just wants a pair of big-girl gloves.

Enter Mom. This year for Christmas my mom bought me two fabulous pairs of leather gloves with the promise that she would tailor them to fit my hands. Check out the results! I can move my hands more comfortably, the palm and fingers both fit properly and I got the stylish look that I wanted. How amazing is that?!

More important is Mama H's approach to clothing and style. If it doesn't fit, then fix it. It's not you, it's the clothes. And this applies to all sorts of cases! Maybe you have a large bust and you have trouble finding shirts that will button. Maybe you have short legs so you need to hem pants before you can wear them. Maybe you get your boots stretched so that they will zip over your calves. Either way, it's important to remember that clothing is manufactured based on 'ideal' or 'normal' proportions. Chances are that you don't have 'normal' proportions. And that's just fine. Most people don't. Your body is unique and original so adjust your clothes to fit your body, not the other way around.

Above all remember that shopping and style should be fun. Get creative and play around with your clothing. Worst comes to worst, it turns out weird and that's not the end of the world :)

Talk soon,

Friday, 27 January 2012



Hi everyone! Yesterday I went on a mini road trip with two of my friends to do some shopping in the United States. Since we only live about two and a half hours from the American border, we like to take advantage of the cheap clothing prices and low taxes down south!

I've wanted to make a "Come Shopping with Me" post for a while now and I figured that this was a great opportunity. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to film inside the outlet mall, so I had take pictures instead of a video. I did however put together a little road trip video so that you guys can come along on our shopping adventure!

Before we left, I updated my 'wish list' to make sure that I knew what things I needed/wanted - this also helps me avoid impulse buys. For other tricks about how to shop effectively, check out my "How To Shop Like a Pro" post here

It's important to remember that not everything is going to fit. Don't let it get you down. Remind yourself that shopping should be fun. Even if you try on five pairs of pants and none of them fit, just shrug it off and move on to the next store. In this blog post, I'll show you both the things that fit and those that didn't.

Okay so maybe this isn't your typical shopping trip stop, but I really needed a pair of workout pants for the gym. My old ones were starting to get embarrassing because they had worn so thin! I was looking for a fitted knee-length pair. After browsing around the shop, I picked out three pairs that fit my criteria and I headed off to the change rooms.

Item 1: The first ones that I tried on were a pair of pink striped pants. The fit was comfortable and snug without being too tight. They were are made from a great Dry Fit material and the waistband sat comfortably. They also had a cool mesh patch behind each knee so that your legs can breathe as you work out. Last but not least, they passed the Down Dog Test. You have to be very careful with athletic pants because they are often transparent when you bend over. I once had a very awkward yoga class experience involving a pair of see-through gym pants and the downward facing dog position. Needless to say if you can't bend over without the material loosing its opacity, then they fail the test.

Item 2: The second pair that I tried on were the same size and style as the first pair, but in a different colour. They were black instead of dark grey, but I liked the colour of the first pair better.

Item 3: The last pair that I tried on were super unflattering. The material was way too tight and they didn't come close to passing the Down Dog Test. I couldn't even take a picture from the side because they were so revealing. This pair was quickly tossed into the 'no' pile. 

Verdict: Item 1 was the winner :) The fit, price and colour were all perfect!


Item 1: I really loved this green and brown felt backpack. Wouldn't it be perfect for university in the fall!? Sadly, it was a little out of my price range at one hundred dollars. I decided to add it to my wishlist and sleep on it. If I still want it in a couple of week, then I can always go back and buy it as a special treat. 

Verdict: Nothing from this store. Maybe I'll come back for the backpack another day. 


My third stop was Levi's. I was really interested and not a little skeptical about their new Curve ID line. According to their campaign, all you have to do is get measured and the attendant will tell you your "curve ID" (read: size) which will, in turn, lead you to the perfect pair of jeans.

So I bravely allowed the sales lady to strap me into this strange contraption (see funny picture above) where you cross your arms and lean to the side while they measure you. I was then informed that I was a "Demi Curve" with short legs (how flattering...) and directed to the appropriate section of the wall of denim. I picked a pair of black jeans - I already own more than enough blue denim - and headed to the change rooms. 

In the change rooms we met Princess (real name Renee) who let me to sneak pictures even though you aren't allowed to have cameras in the store. In return, I promised to post a picture of her doing her runway walk :D

Item 1: Despite my hesitations, Levi's system seemed to work. I really love the fit of these jeans! I've never had a pair of black jeans before, but now I'm really excited to wear them. The jeans fit snugly, but not too tight and they are a great dark shade of black. Princess told me that if I wash them inside out they will hold their colour better over time. The only thing that I was hesitant about was that they don't have a lot of stretch, which usually makes the bum baggy after couple hours of wear, but the sales lady said that since the waistband sat flush against my skin they would stay nice and tight.
Item 2: Since I wasn't sure about the stretch in the first pair, I tried on the same colour and style in a slightly stretchier model. Princess was right. The first ones were much nicer. 
Verdict: The black Demi Curve 29 9s (read: short legs) was the winner and I walked away with a brand new pair of black jeans!


Last but not least we made a pit stop at Target (an American grocery/clothes/drugstore) to pick up some makeup products. Since most makeup in Canada is from the US anyways, you can find all of your favourite products for a fraction of the cost when you shop in the United States. I restocked on mascara and foundation, while my friend Lauren decided to try a couple of products that aren't available in Canada. Have you ever used these products before?

After a long day of shopping, we indulged in Olive Garden's unlimited bread sticks (mmmm ... we really need to get these in Canada) before heading home. Much love to my trusty travel companions who help me take pictures and videos for my blog!
Talk soon,

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Pants: Joe Fresh (find a similar pair here)
Shoes: Vintage (find a similar pair here)
Sweater: Zara (find a similar one here)
Earrings: Aldo (find a similar pair here)
Scarf: The ROM (find a similar one here)
Watch: Couturier, Tissot (find it here)

Hi everyone! This is what I wore to a dinner party that I hosted a couple of weeks ago. It was so nice to catch up with all of my friends! This was my first time wearing my new white cigarette pants (read the funny story about how I found them here). I love the look of white and grey together, so I paired them with this simple v-neck sweater and added a patterned white and black scarf for a little extra oomph!

If you're nervous about wearing white on your bottom half, try adding long vertical lines to your outfit to elongate and slim your frame. Things like flowing scarves, v-necks and long sleeves all work together to draw the eye up and down, rather than from side to side.

To pull this outfit together, I put on my favourite pair of green pumps. The heel is nice and low which makes them easy to walk in, but the fun green colour and snakeskin detailing add a great pop of colour and interest to any outfit. I can't believe how long these puppies have lasted!! My mom bought these shoes to wear to my baptism when I was a year old - talk about good quality!

Last but not least, I added my favourite Tissot watch and a pair of oversized studs. A men's watch is such a great wardrobe staple for any girl's closet. Not only is it classic and elegant, but it also has the added bonus of making your wrist look delicate under its bulk. Perfect!

Talk soon,

Sunday, 22 January 2012


Hi everyone :) Please excuse the poor picture quality - I was up for work extra early this morning and there was nobody awake to take my photo. When you're buying a sports jacket or blazer, it's very important to make sure that you have the right fit. Since everyone's body is unique, it's unlikely that you will find a blazer that fits right off the rack. Don't panic. Most women need to hem or tailor a purchase to make sure that it's just right for their figure. Here's how to find the right fit:

1. Shoulders
When you're buying a blazer, start with something that fits well in the shoulders. This will make life easier, since it's the widest part of your upper body (generally speaking). When you are having your clothes tailored, it's much easier to take something in than it is to let something out.

Your blazer should sit snugly against the curve of your shoulder. If you want a bit more definition to balance out a wider waistline or lower body, try a model with a little padding. If you want to minimize a wider shoulder, then go for a close-fitting (not tight) un-paded version.

Make sure that you can comfortably raise your arms until they are horizontal to your shoulders. A little bunching is normal, but if your blazer is too tight to raise your arms or if it pulls heavily under the arms, then go up a size.

2. Waist
Defining a waist is very important for showing off (or faking!) your figure. Look for seams that run down the centre of the jacket starting at the bust. Although they may not seem like much, these seams will help give your silhouette a flattering hourglass shape.

If you have a narrow waist, go for a jacket that cuts in close to show off the smallest part of your upper body. Have a tailor take in the waist or add extra darting to the sides if the off-the-rack size is too loose. If you are trying to hide a tummy, pick a super-structured model that cuts in at the waist and then floats away from the hips and tummy. This will create the illusion of a smaller waist, while camouflaging your less-favourite parts. 

If you see bunching or ruching when you stand with your arms casually at your sides, then you need to go up a size or have the jacket let out a smidge at the waist. You want the waist of your jacket to skim your natural waistline without cinching it. Wearing a blazer too tightly across the waist can actually add extra pounds to your frame.

3. Buttons and Bust
Buttons can be surprisingly tricky, especially for women with larger busts. If you find that jackets don't close over your bust or that you can't comfortably raise your arms with your jacket buttoned, then you should fit the bust of your jacket first. Choose a large size (even a plus size) where the blazer can comfortably close over your chest. Then, take the jacket to a tailor and have the sides and back taken in. This will ensure that the largest part of your figure (in this case, your chest) is accomodated by the jacket.

You should also look for a jacket with at least two buttons, to make sure the girls stay in place. Avoid single-button jackets that clasp right below the cleavage, which will probably lead to gaping, as well as double-breasted models.

If you have a smaller bust, you may have to have the top of the jacket taken in a little bit to avoid any gaping. However, you have a bit more room to experiment with different button styles. Try double-breasted models and single-button jackets for a fun twist.

No matter your figure, you want the bust of your jacket to have a nice V-shape that is secured by a button at your sternum (where your bra cups meet at the front). This will elongate your torso, making you look longer and leaner.

4. Jacket Length
There are lots of different lengths to wear your blazer depending on the style and cut. A classic blazer should end at the top of your hip. If you have trouble finding the right spot, think of it this way: you should have about an inch and a half to two inches from the bottom of your zipper to the bottom of your blazer. This length is very flattering on most figures, since it emphasizes your waist. Make sure that the bottom edge sits loosely against your hip - you don't want any material bunching or pulling across your lower back.

If you are going for a cropped style, then you want a jacket that ends just below your waist. The extra couple of inches below your waist will suggest an hourglass figure, making you look leaner. If your blazer ends directly at your natural waist, it can interrupt the line of your body and risk making you look shorter than you are. 

Another cut that is very on trend right now is the boyfriend blazer. This style is usually worn looser and longer than a traditional cut, but it's still important to make sure that your jacket is well-structured. Boyfriend blazers tend to end at the bottom of your hip (almost to the end of your bum). This style is flattering for people with slim lower bodies and longer legs, but is best avoided if you have a wider lower body. While you might think that a longer cut can camouflage your bum, it will probably defeat the purpose by making your legs looks shorter.

5. Sleeve Length

Sleeves are the easiest part of a blazer to tailor, but they often go unnoticed. Many stores carry blazers with extra-long sleeves (just like how pants tend to be very long) because they are modeled off of a taller frame. If you are mid-height or shorter, chances are that the sleeves of a blazer will fall too low on your hand. Thankfully, sleeves are an easy fix. All you have to do is hem them to the correct length (or have it done by a seamstress if you're nervous). Many upscale companies actually have free tailoring included when you purchase a suit, so be sure to ask the salesperson.

Jacket sleeves should end at the wrist, leaving your hands exposed and accessible. If your blazer has a patterned or coloured lining, then you can also cuff the sleeves to expose the bottom portion of your forearm. This technique is great, since it can re-vamp an old blazer in a matter of minutes. Try cuffing your sleeves for a more casual look and pair your blazer with jeans and boots. 

Talk soon!

Saturday, 21 January 2012


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Thursday, 19 January 2012


Dress: H&M (find a similar one here)
Leggings: H&M (find a similar pair here)
Cardigan: Joe Fresh (find a similar version here)
Watch: Tissot Couturier (find it here)
Boots: Steve Madden (find a similar pair here)

Hey everyone! Today was a weird weather day...this winter has been super mild with very little snow, but today I think Mother Nature decided to make up for lost time. This is what I wore this morning (there was only a dusting of snow when I left) to work. I work in an office, so I usually dress in casual business clothing. I really love this dress and it has such a funny story behind it:

Two summers ago, I bought the same dress in grey from H&M to wear to work on hot summer days because it's nice and light. When I brought it with me on vacation to Greece, my sister borrowed it and accidentally sat in motor oil (what are the chances?!). No matter what I tried, I couldn't get the stain to wash out and I had to throw it away. Needless to say, I couldn't believe it when I found the exact same dress in light pink last week. Better yet it was on sale for $10 and in my size! I snapped it up as soon as I saw it - I can't believe they still had it more than a year later :)

In order to winterize this dress I added an extra thick pair of leggings (rather than tights) underneath. I also layered my Joe Fresh cardigan over top. To create the illusion of longer legs and a narrower waist, look for dresses that belt at or above your natural waist and then flow away at your hips. The knee-length hemline is always a safe bet for an office environment too, since it's both flattering and appropriate.

Sadly, my cute outfit didn't last very long. Halfway through the day a snowstorm started and by the time that I left work the roads were completely snowed over. While I usually adopt the 'wait until it melts in the spring' school of thought when it comes to shoveling the driveway, the roads were particularly treacherous today and I felt bad that my mom would come home to a snowy driveway so I changed out of my cute outfit and into my snow clothes. Oh yes. It's a pretty sweet look. Garbed in a full sweat suit (elasticized sweat pants and a sweatshirt combo), extra strength Sorel boots, hat, mitts and armed with a shovel, I began the loathed winter task of clearing the driveway.

You see, some smart Canadian families invest in snow-blowers, but I come from a long line of it'll-melt-eventually-ers who like to pretend that the snow situation isn't as bad as it really is. The fact is, I always seem to underestimate the intensity of a shoveling workout - you have to clear the walkway, shovel the driveway, move the cars around and, no matter how cold it is outside, you're all sweaty and disheveled by the end. Good times. I think I'll move to the Bahamas...

Wishing you a kind neighbour with a snowblower,
Talk soon,

Monday, 16 January 2012


It's that time of the year again, so take out your nomination cards, put the kettle on and tune in to award season! I love watching the Golden Globes because they acknowledge television series as well as movies. This year there was some pretty stiff competition in terms of both movies and fashion. It seemed like every actor, director and producer put their best style-foot forward. Here are some of the fashion highlights that I enjoyed:
There were some obvious trends at the Globes this year. The mermaid silhouette featured heavily as usual, but this time textured trains were particularly popular. Sofia Vergara, Tina Fey and Elle Macpherson all wore mermaid dresses with frilly, frothy trains.

Another big trend was defined hip silhouettes. Natalie Portman's pink number had a particularly odd asymmetrical shape, which I might have liked had it not been for the prom-ish fabric. Meryl Streep also wore a dress with exaggerated hips, as did Reese Witherspoon (love that shade against her skin - well played Reese, well played.) 

Nudes ruled as the go-to colour on the carpet this year. Hands down. I'm usually undecided about Charlize Theron's red carpet style, but she really rocked her Dior dress and sparkly headband. Speaking of headbands, they also featured pretty prominently at this year's Globes. Other leading ladies with a nude attitude included Kristen Wigg, Kate Beckinsale and Diane Lane.

Furthermore, the Globes seemed particularly sparkly last night with a wide display of metallics, shimmer and shine on the carpet. Evan Rachel Wood sauntered through the show in a shimmery, custom-made Gucci creation, while Nicole Ritchie, Leah Michelle and Claire Danes all appeared in varying degrees of bedazzlement. All in all, I was pretty impressed.

In the spirit of award shows, here are my top five female fashion winners of the evening:

Evan Rachel Wood looks like a crazy amphibian in this dress and I absolutely love it. Custom-made by Gucci for the starlet herself, this look really has it all. Visually, it's stunning. I was actually surprised by how seamlessly the multiple textures flow together - this dress is really a work of art. Moreover, the fit is sublime. Emerald green was pretty popular on the red carpet last night, but it looks particularly beautiful against Wood's fair complexion. *Side note: I was surprised by how tall Wood is when I saw her on television last night. Am I the only one? Maybe she has a penchant for dating tall men, but for some reason I always pictured her to be short... Anyways, I also salute Wood for not going overboard with styling and letting the dress take center stage. This look definitely takes the cake.

Laura Dern comes in at number two with another great emerald dress. It's safe to say that she really nailed the sparkle trend. I love the fit of this dress - I can only hope I look half this good at 45! The plunging neckline highlights Dern's chest and collarbone without going overboard on the cleavage front and the long sleeves are a nice touch. Although I'm usually not a sparkly belt kind of girl, I have to admit that I like the waist detailing in this dress. The baby train is the perfect finishing touch!

Coming in at number three is Glee's Dianna Agron with a stunning Giles Deacon creation. I instantly fell in love with the amazing detailing on the bodice and the tiered lace skirt. The little flashes of skin keep this dress from being too overwhelming and the colour is particularly lovely. Agron's look is another great example of the tasteful styling at yesterday's event. While the accessories and hair are simple and chic, the bright red lipstick is the perfect pop of colour to keep her face from getting lost behind the bold dress. This look was especially refreshing in the sea of nudes on the red carpet.

For a woman with a knock-out body, I find that Selma Hayek tends to dress a tad boxy on the red carpet...but did she ever prove me wrong! Let me first say that I love her hair. It's big and bouncy and perfect. Now that I have that out of my system, yesterday was definitely a big night for Gucci. The cinched waistline and flowing train on Hayek's dress are perfect for her curvy figure. The silhouette was complimented by the great metallic detailing. I love the way that it guides your eye to create perfect proportions - wide at the bust and then narrow in the waist, before spilling downwards to add height to her small frame. Brilliant!

Last but not least is Homeland's (or "Firefly's" if you're a sci-fi nerd like myself) Morena Baccarin. I love the combination of fabrics between the patterned silk panels on the sides of the dress and the sheer cutouts on the front and back. The green clutch is a nice pop of colour, although I could do without the white bracelets. Moreover, the extra volume on the bottom half of the dress nicely balances the exposure around her neck and chest. Lovely!

And let's not forget the boys - here are my top three male fashion winners of the evening:

Christopher Plummer easily takes my number one spot with the blue and black tuxedo he wore to yesterday's Globes. Pairing navy and black is no easy feat, but Plummer made it look both effortless and distinguished. I also love the small details in this outfit. The brushed suede shoes and lapel pin really show an attention to styling that is sometimes lacking from an ordinary tux. Christopher Plummer stole my heart forty seven years ago as the devilishly handsome Captain Von Trapp and it's safe to say that he's still got it. *Side note: His dedication to his wife ("a lady called Elaine, my wife of 43 years, whose bravery and beauty haunts me still") was heart warming.

I know that it's difficult, but if you can see past the dashing smile and charming accent long enough to notice what he's wearing, you'll be pleasantly surprised by Ryan Kwanten's outfit. I really love the use of texture in this look. The contrast between the rich velvet jacket and the suit-style collar and pants is a refreshing break from the average black tux. Not to mention, Kwanten's jacket is very nicely cut and he manages to pull off a bow tie without looking goofy. This look is both sophisticated and fun. Definitely one of my favourites!

While it would hardly have hurt him to comb his hair, Johnny Depp snags my number three spot for actually wearing colour. The vast majority of the men at yesterday's Globes stuck to black. There was some dark blue. There was some grey. But mostly, there was black. Now don't get me wrong I love a well-cut but black suit, but sometimes it's nice to spice things up a little. And for that reason alone - and maybe the fact that he sported a pocket watch...and maybe the fact that he looks roguishly disheveled - I salute Mr. Depp's kooky sense of style.

What did you think about yesterday's showing?
Talk soon,

Saturday, 14 January 2012


I must confess: I am a huge fan of manicures. I love the look of perfectly shaped, perfectly polished nails, but I hate spending $20-$30 dollars on something that will be chipped and flawed within a couple of days. That being said, I'm pretty lucky in the nail department. Since I have ABS, I only have two nails to shape, paint and primp, but it still drives me absolutely nuts when they're flawed (read: first world problems).

Thankfully, the gods of nail care heard my plea and invented a great new product that solves all of your manicure woes! Allow me to introduce you to Shellac. If you haven't already met, then take a gander at the picture above and check out my hard-as-rock, not-flawed-at-all nails (please forgive my scaly skin - this winter weather is giving me a severe case of lizard hands.)

Here are the reasons why I love Shellac:
  1.  Since it dries using UV light rather than air exposure like a normal polish, there is a very short drying period 
  2. No chips, flaws, weird imprints from your bedsheets/socks/gloves or other annoying problems that you have with a normal polish
  3. It goes directly onto your natural nails and *drum roll* doesn't leave them brittle and gross afterwards
  4. It's mirror-like finish lasts for about two weeks 
Here are some less awesome things about Shellac:
  1. You have to have it professionally done because of the UV lamp required to dry the polish
  2. You have to use 100% acetone to remove it after two weeks (I usually use a heavy moisturizer afterwards)
Here's the skinny on Shellac. This new(ish) product works like a polish-gel hybrid. I was pretty skeptical at first, because I really hate those goopy-looking gel nails with the long fake tips. That being said, I asked about Shellac this summer when I went to the salon to get my nails done before I went on vacation. Seeing as I was about to leave for six weeks to a reasonably remote island in the south Aegean where you run a significantly higher chance of encountering a goat in the middle of the street than a nail salon, I decided I could use the extra staying power. I was very pleasantly surprised! The no fuss, no muss application was rivaled only by the fact that it stayed flaw-free and shiny for two weeks, despite being exposed the airport baggage claim, some nervous cuticle picking and many a sandy beach. All in all, Shellac is a great way to get hard, shiny, natural nails. What can I say... I'm a convert!

*Side note: When I went to get my nails done in the colour featured above (it's called Beau), which I thought to be a very tasteful and classic nude, the manicurist essentially told me that I was boring haha! She kinda shrugged at my nails and said that I should pick brighter colours. I don't know why, but I think that's so funny :)

Still not convinced? Check out CND's website here.

Wishing you non-boring nails!
Talk soon,

Thursday, 12 January 2012


Transitioning you summer wardrobe into fall and winter is a great way to extend the usability of your wardrobe and maximize the cost efficiency of your clothes. Here are some quick ideas on how to make your clothing last all year:

1. Layer tights and a cardigan over a summer dress or romper.
2. Put a blazer over a summer tank and wear it with jeans rather than shorts.
3. Try pairing a light summer scarf with a winter sweater for a pop of colour.

One thing that we rarely think of when it comes to our year-round wardrobe is summer accessories. Believe it or not, they are some of the easiest things to transition. For example, this morning was really grey and dreary so I decided to add a pop of colour to my outfit with this summer hair accessory (I think I bought it at H&M). In the summertime, I wear it in my hair for a fun flirty look. You can clip it beside your bun or use it to keep the hair out of your face at the beach.

*Side note: The added volume from the flower is a great way to disguise a bad hair day/beach hair.
*Side-side note: If you're going for a flower accessory, make sure that it's made from quality material so that it doesn't look cheap. Avoid things like rhinestones and shimmer dust. You are not a fairy.

All you have to do to transition it into winter is clip it onto a heavy woolen scarf for a fun pop of colour. You could also wear it like a brooch on your sweater or coat too. The contrast between the heavy winter fabric and the light summer accessory is a great way to play with texture.

If you want to make your summer accessories winter-friendly with a little DIY magic, then glue a safety pin or brooch clip onto the back with a hot glue gun. That way you can wear them in your hair or clipped onto a sweater/scarf/jacket whenever you want :)

Talk soon!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Keeping all of your jewellery straight can be such a pain! Necklaces get tangled, earrings get separated from their partners and you end up forgetting about some of your favourite pieces because they're buried under a mountain of junk. Yesterday I tackled the long-overdue job of organizing all of my jewellery - because let's be honest, it's not really at the top of my to do list - and here are the results :)

I really like the idea of an earring tree but I haven't been able to find one that I like, so I got a little crafty and made my own. Earring trees are great because you can store and display all of your dangly earrings in one go. Not only will you avoid loosing one of a pair, but you will also be able to see your entire collection in a glance.

Better yet, this earring frame was super easy and cheap to make. All you need is an old picture frame and a piece of loosely-woven material. Check the dollar store for pillow case covers, place mats and fabric bags that can all be converted for your cause. You can even look for a fun pattern if you want. Then, all you do is stretch the fabric over a piece of cardboard and pop it into the frame. Voila!

The biggest bummer was clearing out my jewellery box, which was cluttered with a mountain of old broken pieces, receipts and other garbage. Once I had purged it, I divided my jewellery into costume pieces and valuable pieces. All of my delicate necklaces and bracelets (the kind that get hopelessly tangled when left to their own devices) got divided into the side compartments to keep them separate. I popped my rings into the middle section and used the rest of it to store my stud earrings. Try using the little boxes that rings come in to store any loose pendants so that they don't go missing.

On the bottom level of the jewellery box, I stored all of my valuable jewellery. It's important to separate your valuable pieces from your costume pieces so that they get the care that they need. I stored them in their original boxes to keep them safe from dust and sunlight. If it's more of an heirloom than a piece that you wear, then your safe deposit box might be a better place to keep it. But remember - don't be afraid to wear your extra special jewellery! That's what it's meant for :)

Last but not least, I bought two baskets from the dollar store to store my chunky jewellery (side note: I really love the dollar store. You can find almost everything that you will need for household crafts for a fraction of the price!) In one basket I put all of my bangles and cuffs, while the other one holds all of my statement necklaces. Since these pieces are so oversized, they won't get tangled and you can store them all together. Easy peasy!

Talk soon,